Acts I, II and III introduced you to three elements of Star Power:

  • Your Personal Identity (physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual)
  • Your Social Influences (people, forces, habits)
  • Your Status Income (tangible rewards and intangible awards)
  • Access yourself and then SHINE in Act IV


Star Power Assessment

Check only those statements that best describe you.

1 I eat healthy foods
2 My work habits earn good results
3 My behavior does not offend others
4 I am tolerate to those who disagree with me
5 I live with good decision makers
6 I obey rules at school or work
7 I take care of my home and belongings
8 I set goals for myself
9 I feel respected in good ways
10 I exercise daily or stay active
11 I know occupations that interest me
12 I am happy more than sad
13 I understand the history of other cultures
14 I have one or more long term friends
15 I know how to say NO to bad choices
16 I don’t act on impulse (ex. fights or chatrooms)
17 I earn my rewards
18 Others ask for my opinion
19 My health is good (vision, teeth, skin)
20 I use the library or internet for assignments
21 I learn from my mistakes
22 I want to make the world a better place
23 I have good people around me
24 I accept the consequences of poor choices
25 I have good attendance
26 I understand about credit, debt and contracts
27 I commit to help others when I can
28 I am able to sleep and get rest
29 I find help when I need it (i.e. tutors)
30 I have safe outlets when depressed (i.e. journaling)
31 I enjoy or work to improve my surroundings
32 I work with people who are successful
33 I know how state and federal laws are passed
34 I have responsibilities at home that I complete
35 I have a financial goal
36 I am trustworthy with my assignments
37 I like my appearance most of the time
38 I excel in basics like math, spelling, writing
39 I avoid media such as music that impacts my mood
40 I understand the dangers of gangs, cults
41 I recognize positive people influences
42 I avoid groups with unhealthy or unsafe goals
43 I avoid any substance that impacts my energy or moods
44 I am employable
45 I accept praise and give it

Click or check the box for the numbers that you checked above

1 10 19 28 37P
2 11 20 29 38I
3 12 21 30 39E
4 13 22 31 40S
5 14 23 32 41PI
6 15 24 33 42FI
7 16 25 34 43HI
8 17 26 35 44 T
9 18 27 36 45 II

First look at the rows going across (horizontally) which have less than 3 checked and click the letter's box. These are indicators of some star power qualities that may need polishing.

PSelf-Physical identity
ISelf Intellectual Identity
ESelf Emotional
SSelf Emotional Identity
PISocial People Influence
FISocial Force Influence
HISocial Habit Influence
TIStatus Tangible Income
IIStatus Intangible Income

Consider how STAR POWER identity, influences and income impact your Star power in different settings:

  • Home
  • School/work
  • Casual date or party
  • Formal event

QMark Script Challenge:

What role do you play in these settings?

Are you a main character, support cast, or part of the crowd? If you could edit your role, what star power element would you need to change?

Check your challenge responses with a short self-assessment link. Put it outside the text.

Take the interest survey every year as your goals and interests may change.

Identity, Influence and Income impact STAR POWER.

Use the indicators in Act IV as you learn about SHINE.



The intermission includes a concession stand with links to references or services that may benefit your star power experience. (Note: never commit to any contract, “free” trial or purchase that obligates you to future obligations.)