The Status Income

Status income can either be tangible (money) or intangible (respect).


Tangible…all about status income

Academic transcripts that include attendance records are your tangible income (paycheck) from school. A paycheck with earnings is a tangible income from employment. Other tangible income may be travel allowances, or education discounts.

Tangible income is a reward that provides you a better life or opportunities as an independent adult.

Successful people have contributed success to patience and hard work. They do jobs others will not do and take on the task. They are willing to take any job as a first step into a company. They know that worth to the company or organization requires being special. In some jobs like shift work, being on time is critical to the next shift. To move forward, learning is a constant process.

Education or skills are all around you. Check with your local hardware store for classes on home repair that can help you find part time work. Find out what skill classes in school make you employable. A future engineer may benefit from a CAD class. A future CPA needs accounting or math business. Ask your counselor or research what your school district offers.

Evaluate your ability to earn tangible income.

NS Not Satisfied   S Satisfied
  NS  S
Work Habits  
Attendance Awards  
Class Ranking  
Job Skills  
Aptitude Test Results  
Achievement Test Results  

Intangible…all about status income

Honor and respect may seem like an odd way to get paid but these awards have positive payoffs. Your impression on others can lead to good job references, social acceptance, and invitations.

Evaluate your current reputation to gain intangible income.

NS Not Satisfied   S Satisfied
  NS  S
Personal Pride  
Respect from Others  
Charity Involvement  
Leadership Roles  
Club Participation  
Community Involvement  
Self Discipline  

QMark Script Challenge:

How do tangible rewards and intangible awards motivate your life? Is there anything that you would like to change?



You have completed the Star Power self-identity, influences and income assessment. It’s time for Intermission and then Act IV





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