The Influences

Social influences deal with people, forces and habits that impact your life. Think about how these influences in your life interact with your identity and status. Influences increase or decrease your star power.

Social influences can be direct or indirect. Direct influences are typically part of your daily life such as friends and family. Indirect influences such as billboards or blogs surround you.

Physical Identity

People…all about social influences

Consider your direct or indirect influences. Influences can be powerful in making life choices.

Influences may be direct such as a family member, mentor, or friend. It is somebody that impacts your decisions. Influences may be indirect when they have little or no impact on your decisions.

A lecture, movie or book can have a force impact on your life if it changes your thoughts about an issue.

The people you choose as friends may directly impact your appearance, school success and social activities. Often you will be judged by your associations and the influences in your life.

Evaluate your direct and indirect people influences.

  D Direct    I Indirect
  D  I
Media stars  
School Personnel  
Religious Leaders  
Social Groups  
Internet Friends  
Books, Website  
Blogs, Social Media  



QMark Script Challenge:

How have social influences impacted your decisions in your school work, activities and goals?



Forces…all about social influences

Forces become social influences when they set your boundaries. Other forces such as school policies and governmental laws protect you and other from chaos.

It is how you respond to these forces that impact your present and future star power. For instance, breaking a school rule may impact today but breaking a governmental rule like drinking while driving or stealing could impact your life for a long time.

Forces provide society with structure. Manners allow females to enter the room first or dictate which fork to use during dinner. Rules control classroom discussion such as raising your hand to speak. Manners and rules are forces that add order to life.

Evaluate how Forces impact your life:

  N Never     D Direct (often)    I Indirect (sometimes)
  N   I   D
Club Rules    
School/Work Rules    
City/State Laws    
Family Rules    
Friend Demands    
Social Manners    
Internet, Media    
Federal Laws (passport/taxes)    
Text, Blogs    


QMark Script Challenge:

Review the Forces that impact your star power.



Habits…all about social influences

Habits impact daily life. They may dictate your activity schedule, food choices, social involvement or work routine.

Habits require self-discipline to maintain or to change. Negative habits such as addictions (food, alcohol, drugs) put your physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual self at risk. Negative habits can ruin relationships and destroy goals.

Habits that add to your star power help regulate use of time, encourage you to complete tasks, and build positive relationships.

Consider habits that directly or indirectly impact your star power.

  D Direct      I Indirect
  D  I
Completion of tasks/homework  
Computer games  
Being on time  
Attendance (other)  

QMark Script Challenge:

What habits add or subtract from to your star power? What habits require professional help to change such as a nutritionist for food choices? What habits attract good friends or associates?